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10.08.2008, 16:24
Can someone please translate this in deutsch please :) thank you...

hey folks i just stripped out my friends delsol so name anything you guys needs and just give me a price you want for it and ill hook you up... the big parts prolly needs to stay locally in germany but just ask me anyways and ill ask if i can ship it out... i have everything,

1993 delsol si parts

d16z6 block
d16z6 tranny shift link and all
d16 head vtec
d16 engine mounts
uncut harness in&out of the car
p28 ECU
750 euro for the complete swap

delsol carpets - 20

passenger door - 60
passenger side mirror - 10
passenger door interior panel - 25
passenger front fender - 35

driver door - 60
driver side mirror - 10
driver door interior panel - 25
driver front fender - 35

Hood - 80
Front bumper - 60
Back bumper - 60
Headlights w/ corner lights - 25
Foglights - 20
Horn - 1
Master cylendar - 20
Clutch fluid resovoir - 10
Roof top - 80
trunk lid - 80
trunk lid shocks - 20
tail lights - 15
dashboard - 60
guage cluster - 25
back window with motor - 80
power steering system w/ belt & resovoir - 70

if you want one of these parts just let me know and if you dont like the price, just offer me what you think is fair...
I have more parts so just tell me what you need...

give me a call if you want anything or just hit me up an email... ted.carla@yahoo.com (ted.carla@yahoo.com) and copy an email to my work email too... ted.carla@ramstein.af.mil (ted.carla@ramstein.af.mil) .... 017627606641 or 06371462861 Ted

14.08.2008, 07:45

here is the pictures of the parts for sale... i still have a lot of things i need to take a picture of so just let me know what you need if you dont see it on the picture...