Ah, sorry. I didnt know youre not german.

In the advert, it says "Es gab vermutlich mal einen kleineren Unfall, dies ist aber nur vom Motorraum aus auszumachen und kann nicht dramatisch gewesen sein." which is roughly translated to "The car may has had a small accident, which you can only determine by looking in the engine bay and should be less then anything dramatic".

The word "Schubs" means something like "a small push" or "a nudge"

After 200km, the car might have a eventful history. Hope the rear arches wont rust and there is not too much of botching done.
I recommended, that you should look "behind" it and look for rust and bad repairs to prevent you from any long-term effects due to hidden spots, that cause a bigger repair(cost) or maybe lead to scraping/breaking the car finally (to soon).

Hope you have a lot of fun with your ITR and wont regret any penny